As the founder of Steven Brent Studios, I have traveled through many exciting and interesting career paths. I graduated with Fine Art Degrees from Syracuse University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My first original abstract acrylic paintings done in 1985, resembling large frozen nature forms such as frozen waterfalls attracted the attention of major art critics, such as Clement Greenberg, Kenworth Moffett and Ken Carpenter. I began showing with a distinctive group of artists known as the "New New Painters". My paintings have been shown and collected in Museums and Art Galleries around the world such as the Fort Lauderdale Museum in Florida and The National Gallery of Art in Prague.

My Graphic Design career began in 1993 where I quickly was promoted to Production Manager and Designer for King-Casey, a retail design firm with National clients such as McDonalds and Pepsi. In 2003 I moved to Carolina Beach, NC to get closer to the natural feeling of water, sailing and the beach. I found a unique niche doing Architectural Renderings for Real Estate Developers and beautiful photographs of Retail Architecture with a major focus on Mayfaire Town Center. I became an integral part of the Boardwalk Makeover Community Project at Carolina Beach by designing the Carolina Beach Logo and Boardwalk Makeover Brochure.

My paintings took on a lighter feel as I began painting with acrylic gel glazes on aluminum, many times adding actual sea shells found on thebeach. I was able to own a 30 ft. sailboat, which became my floating studio and home for almost two years. I was able to produce the unique "Love Triangle Drawings" and "Photo Triangle Images" using the computer while living and traveling on my boat.